Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple Red Rocking Chair and Nightstand

I am loving polka dots lately. For example, at the scrapbooking store without fail I will buy three or four different polka dot pages. Shopping at the fabric store I flock to the polka dot fabrics. I just KINDA like them lately. So I thought why not paint something with polka dots? I really like how it turned out and I love the Summer Squash handles that bring out the Polka Dots.
Who doesn't love to relax in a rocking chair? The fabric in the pillow really matches the polka dots great. You really can't see it but they Summer Squash handles and polka dots bring out the yellow in the fabric they are a perfect match.
This is such a Lovely Red color. Every time I look at the rocking chair it always looks so inviting and says, "Come Sit in me, read a book, relax, and rock with me." I used Rust-Oleum spray paint in Apply red and Summer Squash. These items are for SALE, contact Ashley at

Fall Chair and Nightstand

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE the color of this nightstand and chair. It's one of my favorites, thus far! The color I used was Rust-Oleum spray paint in Key Lime. This would be a great addition to add a pop of color in an entry way or a sitting room. The picture really doesn't do the color justice. These items are for SALE contact, Ashley at
This is the fabric that I fell in LOVE with at the fabric store. I love Browns and Greens, together. BONUS, it was in the scrap bin so it was 75% of regular price, SCORE!! I instantly thought I wanted to paint a chair in BRIGHT GREEN to bring out the green in the fabric. So this is my ReDO!!! I hand painted the nightstand to match the chair. I used the design in the fabric for my inspiration on the nightstand.
I love the FUN design and how they compliment each other.
I love all the details in the chair. The legs of this chair are the first thing that caught my eye when I saw them at the DI. I love how big and chunky they are. I also love the curved detail in the seat back.
This Fall Chair and Nightstand is for SALE-Contact Ashley at

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Old CLoset Door ReDo

I Forgot to take a before picture of the old Closet Door. The color before was basically dark wood. I needed another Picture Wall in our entry for other son D. So when I saw this closet door at Salvation Army for $4.00 I bought it right then. I painted it with Rustoleum Spray Paint in Canyon Black, distressed it, and stained it. I wanted it to have a door knob. I was at The Cannery in North Ogden and saw this door knob in white and though it would be perfect for my Closet door.
I attached the pictures with Scrapbooking clips. My mom had a whole bunch of Mattes from BEV's already. I just went through and picked colors that I liked. Found cute ribbon in my scrapbooking stuff and attached the ribbon to the hooks and hung them on the closet door.
I really liked how it turned out. Know I need to learn how to use my Cricut and cut out some vinyl to put above the closet door.

Picture Display ReDO

Sorry about the Glare
The Shutters were perfict for this wall as you can see it's a very small space. I wanted a picture wall in my entry for my son K. I am loving Blue lately so I knew I wanted blue and some green. I painted the Shutters with Rust-Oleum Spray Paint in Slate Blue, then I distressed them and stained them. I love the color and how they turned out with the pop of Green in between the two shutters.(In the background you can see my son K CHEESEN IT UP-Cutee)

Old Window Shutters

So I was at Salvation Army about a month ago. Saw four of these old window shutters. I thought to myself, "What can I ReDo with these!" came with nothing at that moment. So I did not buy them. Later that night I had a "UHH OHH!! I KNOW what I could do with those and was VERY UPSET with myself because I didn't buy them. If anyone else has done this you know what happened next. I layed awake that night thinking PPRRRITTY PLLEAASSE let them still be there tomorrow. Well to say the least they were still there-YEAH YEAH. So I bought all four of them for $5.00.

Friday, September 10, 2010

From this to....

ReDO into a Little Girls Toy Bench

I found an old beat up toy bench as the Salvation Army. A friend has mentioned an interest in a toy bench for her little girls room so whalah here is the finished product.

Old beds to Benches

We have been busy getting ready for fall market, we finally made our first benches and we think they are darling. It's amazing what you can ReDo with things from the Dumpster at the Salvation Army. Take Twin beds and parts from cribs and "WHAA LAA" you've got two ardorable benches for a little girl and boy. (Sorry my mom doesn't know haw to take pic!! This is a twin headboard on it's side). I will post the pics on Sunday!!