Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rachels Highchair ReDO

This is the cutest high chair ever. They don't make them like this anymore, which is to bad because they are so CUTE, solid wood, and durable.
This piece is so SPRINGY, I love this color it's by Rustoleum Summer Squash.
I added all the little wood dowels to cover all the screws! Makes it look so much more finished.
We added this cover to the brown strap, because it was so dirty and didn't match. The black & white with the yellow is so FUN. Like I always say black & white looks cute with any color.
Added a whole bunch of Polly to the seat and the tray.
So when Rachel came to take a peek at her Kitchen Table & Chairs. She asked if I have ever come across any wood high chairs. I said well just last friday I saw one at the Salvation Army. Well it's Tuesday, Rachel was so excited and both of us were hoping it would still be there!!!!! So Jenny called Joe and asked if the piece was still there??????? It was YEAH! I went down right then and bought it.
These are the lovely before pictures.
Can you see the screws??? Doesn't look to cute.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Kitchen Table & Chairs ReDO

I love how this turned out. I have always loved black and maroon together.
I love the legs on the kitchen table, they remind me of bamboo! I like how all the chairs have the same bamboo front legs on them. I also like how the bamboo details is also all the way around the table at the top. This table and chairs are For SALE. Just email if you are interested. Again the bamboo looking details on the back of all the chairs as well. I Love it!!!
I added these knobs from Hobby Lobby, they originally had small little brass knobs. I love the maroon on the knobs. It ties in the maroon around the edge of the table and on the fabric on the seat cushions.
The fabric on the chairs is very Beautiful!!

Don't you love the before pics. I can't believe I ever like this color. The chairs were originally that yellow all over, I sanded alot off.
I even added this lovely fabric.
Love the fabric!!-Not anymore.
This is a good pic of the yellow color it was originally.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Carrie Bar Stools ReDO

I enjoy painting a piece of furniture and watching it get a new life.
Carrie choose white for her bar stools and wanted them a little distressed. She also wanted them stained in Jacobean. I ended with poly on the bar stools for protection.
These are the before pics of the stools. They are very similar to the chairs that I did for Rachel. I am in love with the backs of each of the bar stools and the kitchen chairs.
Carrie didn't like the color of the her bar stools either and they did not match her house.
Crazy how much color can change the appearance of a piece of furniture. I love it!!!

Rachel's Kitchen Table & Chairs ReDO

I absolutely enjoyed doing this ReDO for my friend Rachel. I love how it turned out.
Rachel only wanted a little distressing on the whole thing. So I just lightly did the edges of all the pieces. She wanted just a little distressing on the top of the kitchen table and the long stools. I love the contrast from her Dark Hard wood floors to the crisp white of the kitchen table and chairs.
On this piece we didn't do any stain, and it turned out perfect.
I love the chairs lines and the high backs on them.
So pretty, isn't she!!
The before pics are hard because it was a little dark and the flash was not co-operating!!!!

Rachel didn't like how the table and chairs matched her dark hard wood floors-exactly!! So she choose to paint them white.
I loved ReDo-ing these pieces for Rachel. I love how you can start out with on thing and just buy painting it how much it changes the look of everything.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


So we are in California on vacation!!! YEAH!!! I was planning on posting some ReDO's of Carries Stools and Rachel's Kitchen Table and chairs. I was so looking forward to posting these FABUlous pictures. Well I had over 600 pics put on CD's and I thought I will take the CD's with us and post the pics. I have the CD and I CAN NOT for the life of me figure out how to rotate the dang pics!!!!! I always post the pics straight from the card and just rotate them. So I am getting very frustrated about it. I hope I will eventually figure it out. So keep checking back. I also have some really cute pics of a mirror I redid.