Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rachels Highchair ReDO

This is the cutest high chair ever. They don't make them like this anymore, which is to bad because they are so CUTE, solid wood, and durable.
This piece is so SPRINGY, I love this color it's by Rustoleum Summer Squash.
I added all the little wood dowels to cover all the screws! Makes it look so much more finished.
We added this cover to the brown strap, because it was so dirty and didn't match. The black & white with the yellow is so FUN. Like I always say black & white looks cute with any color.
Added a whole bunch of Polly to the seat and the tray.
So when Rachel came to take a peek at her Kitchen Table & Chairs. She asked if I have ever come across any wood high chairs. I said well just last friday I saw one at the Salvation Army. Well it's Tuesday, Rachel was so excited and both of us were hoping it would still be there!!!!! So Jenny called Joe and asked if the piece was still there??????? It was YEAH! I went down right then and bought it.
These are the lovely before pictures.
Can you see the screws??? Doesn't look to cute.


  1. Ashley!! That is so cute, I LOVE it!!

  2. It's adorable!!! I always wanted one of those! They are so cute....I instead have the modern version plastic ugly high chair! LOL That is so much cuter and has much more personality!

  3. If your interested in checking out my junk, before any one else does - most of it will be at my house by tonight!

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