Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crib Bench

I finished this bench about a week ago and I love it. I kept it for myself that's how much I love it. I Love the fabric. I am looking for yellow striped fabric to make a smaller pillow. This pillow is from Salvation Army. It was originally from Target. It has a tear on the back(who looks at the backs of pillows) So for $3.00 what the heck.
I can't decide which way I like the pillow. So it gets changed back and forth ALOT. My husband refers to me as MONK(from the TV series) I'm not that bad!!! I can't help I like things a certain way. Another thing I love about this bench is the original wheels.
Here she is painted. I am in love with this green color. I am in the process of Redo-ing our Master Bedroom and this is one of the colors I am using on the furniture.
This is her before priming and painted. I added the wood decals for a little extra CUTENESS.


I met Heather at The Cannery, she was interested in ordering prizes for her BUNCO group for the month of March. This is what I came up with!!!
The LUCK cut out is the $20.00 Prize
The Luck Blocks are the $7.00 Prize The $5.00 Prize The $25.00 Prize
The $14.00 Prize
The $8.00 Prize

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentines at The Cannery

All these items are available at The Cannery for sale

The Cannery Center in North Ogden

Click on the picture and it will open up the picture to show it all.
2005 North Washington Blvd
I have had some people ask where the Cannery is? So here is a pic and the address. Alot of our decorations are available at THe Cannery

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HOT Pink Bench-SOLD

I really like this color. It's so fun and GIRLey. I don't think my boys would like this color for their rooms.
I absolutely fell in love with this fabric at Hobby Lobby. You could add this to any girls room. It has lots of colors that can be incorporated with it. Jenny makes the cutest pillows and flowers. I love the fluffy pillows and the Black pillow with it. The flower gives it just that extra cute-ness charm. This bench is for SALE, email me with any questions. Ashley-SOLD Here she is primed.
Shortly after it was put together.
This headboard is the sides of the bench. We had to cut the headboard in half and cut the legs off.
This headboard is the back of the bench.

Carries Bench Part 2

I really love how this bench turned out. I love the detail of the crib.
The color is also one of my favorite colors.
This is a close up of the fabric.
Amazing how much different it looks painted, instead of primed.
This is the bench is all natural.