Monday, March 28, 2011

Lagoon Bench-SOLD

So Rustoleum spray paint came out with a new color called Lagoon. I absolutely love it. It's so pretty. This color with this black and white fabric is BEAUtiful. Like I've always said you can put black & white with any color and it looks great. This Bench/Toy Bench is FOR SALE.
I used Jacobbean min wax stain on this piece. I added these wood decals to cover the hideousness beneath. Another flower pillow made out of a sweater. Thanks to my friend Rachel, she bought a similar flower pillow at a boutique. Jenny borrowed it and duplicated it.
This bench is also a toy holder. The seat lifts up for storage underneath the seat.
Don't you just love the Heart cut outs on this bench-IICCKKYYY!!!

Yellow Damask Chair-FOR SALE

These metal chairs are perfect to cover in fabric. I am in love with damask prints and anything in black & white. So when I found this fabric I immediately bought it. Knowing I would eventually use the fabric.
The damask prints and black & white are perfect with any color. I love the black trim on the back.
This Chair is FOR SALE
This is the before pic. It's amazing what a little TLC can do to a piece of furniture.

White Nightstand-SOLD

The nightstand is very cute.
I love the glass knob. It makes the nightstand. As you can see it is distressed a lot.

Yellow Chair & White Nightstand

I love yellow, with black & white damask print. They compliment each other very well.
These two items are for Sale.
The flower pillow is made from a wool sweater. They are for Sale at The Cannery in North Ogden.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I LOVE the Salvation Army!!!

So I absolutely LOVE Targets Fieldcrest rugs they are well built and BEAU-tiful. But our budget right know doesn't allow for $189.99 rug to $349.99 rug. I don't know if it's the budget or if I am to much like my mother and think it's RIDICULOUS amount of money for a rug!!!!! Which it isn't but I just can't make myself spend that much. So Every time I go to Target I have to take stroll down the rug aisle and OOOGGLe, AUGHH over them and think maybe when you go on SALE ONE day ONE day I will have you in my living room.
Well TODAY is that day. So on my weekly visit to the Salvation Army. Well before I get to the story, for all of you who didn't know this the Ogden Salvation Army gets all the things that don't sell at Target or items that are returned with no label and many more things. So all lot of clothes, toys, picture frames, pillows, sheet sets, and many more are all in original form. So back to my story I walk into Salvation Army and say Hello to Mickey and Tiff. Go to the furniture section browse around, find a cool globe of the world on a wood stand. Pick that up and stumble to the Target table and find a huge glass container $2.00 SCORE, and a cute Sunday dress in my SIZE-Yeah for $3.00 original tags still on it. Then I see the best deal of the day-My Fieldcrest rug! I think I may a sqweeled a little, okay a lot. It's all wrapped up in plastic and the price is written on it $50.00!!!!! Can you believe it $50.00 for a 5 feet X 7 feet rug.I was SCREAMING and JUMPING UP & DOWN, and so EXCITED::)))!!! Okay I was doing this in my head. I GRABBED the rug so fast. Buy all the items, get them in the car, and immediately called my mom. Told her my good news and then called my husband. I don't even know why I call him because his exact words were, "Why we already have a rug that works just fine!" me, WHAT EVER DUMB BUTT!!!. He's a boy he doesn't get it.

So here she is, in her new home. I love the colors it matches wonderfully. Now could the Salvation Army get the 8 foot X 10 Foot and I will be set. It may happen if I wait long enough!! My husband just informed me right this minute that when I type up my little narations that I use the KNOW, NOW all wrong. I told him I never said I was good in ENGLISH class!!!!

Rustic Orange

This is for Carrie!! Here are some things painted the rustic orange. I think the color isbrighter orange in the picture. The picture defiantly makes this one look brighter. This is more accurate to the true color. The color is Paprika by Rustoleum.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Striped Kids Chair

So the polka dot chair was the starting inspiration for this chair. I needed something to tie in all the colors of the polka dots, but not use polka dots again, thus the Stripes. It took a lot of taping off(Frog Tapes is the BEST), and patiently waiting for each stripe to dry so the paint wouldn't peel when taking off the frogs tape.
I scratched it up a little then stained it. Finally after I let is sit for a day I sprayed a clear coat over all of it. It's the cutest little chair EVER! I think!
This is FOR SALE with the Kid Play Table
Here is a before shot.
Okay I hate it when I accidentally delete a picture. It makes me want to scream!!!!

Blue and Brown Kids Chair

This chair was in someones yard in North Ogden and every time I drove buy I LOVED it. So one day a man was putting things in a HUGE dumpster outside. So I stopped and asked if the little old lady that lived here had past away? He replied no, she lives in assisted living know and he was hired by the family to clean the house. I asked if I could buy this cute little chair? He said take it. I was so excited because i knew how cut it would go with the little table and other chairs.
I love the back of this chair. It's so retro! I painted the little rubber covers to match the seat of the chair. This blue color is so bright and fun. This chair is FOR SALE with the Kids Play Table This is her before! I did like the color of the original seat but it just didn't match what I needed it for. So I used spray paint for plastic. It is the cutest little chair.

Polka Dot Kids Chair

This fabric is what started this project. I absolutely LOVE polka dots, when I saw it I had to have it. What better use for a little boys play set or even a little girls.
The colors together are so complimentary to each other. This chair is FOR SALE with the Kids Play Table This is the before picture! So plain and BLAH!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kids Play Table-FOR SALE

I absolutely love how this turned out. I am in love with all the colors.
I love the strips. Love the polka dots
I found the polka dot fabric and fell in love with it. But I needed something to tie all the colors together. So stripes it is!

Okay it's late and I can not think of what to type! Check back I have lots of new furniture to post. Goodnight!!!
This table and threee chairs are FOR SALE.
$100.00 for the table and three chairs.

Spring at The Cannery

Bunny Door
Shamrock Door, Green Chair, & Magazine Holder
Scarfs made out of T-Shirts
Bags made out of wool sweaters!
Flower Door
Mini Egg
Easter Blocks
Set of three Eggs, Bunny Blocks
Set of Three Eggs
Eggs Blocks
Easter Cut out
Egg Door