Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ashley Christmas Trimmings

I used the left over ribbon and bulbs from the wreaths I made and decorated the railing.
Sometimes pictures just don't show the true color of things.
This is a new addition to the Christmas decor. You take a side rail from a crib and turn it into a Christmas card holder. One of our crafty friends at Cassandra Design made one last year and I fell in love and new I needed one. So this year I made one.
Cassandra also hung bulbs from her light fixtures and I had all these huge bulbs left over from filling glass vases. So I used the left overs to hang from our light fixtures.
It's amazing at how the simplest things make a huge impact on a room. I love Christmas decorating. Check back tomorrow I am posting pics of the Christmas Tree and My Lovely Santa Claus and our outside decor.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Wreaths

I have been wanting to make two wreaths for our french doors in the entry way for years. So finally last night I made them. I got all of the ornaments from the Salvation Army. The ribbon was from one of the many end of the season sales last year and so were the wreaths.
I LOVE them. I love the red, greens, and silver together. It is so Christmassy.

More Christmas Trimmings!

This SANTA is one of my favorite crafts. I made this out of wood with no pattern. I got the idea for SANTA's suit in my boys Debbie Mumm, Twas the night before Christmas. I fell in love with the Santa and thought I am making me one out of wood. I will post a pic of my Santa he is a a lot taller but their suits are similar.
Santa is for Sale at THe Cannery in North Ogden. This sleigh turned out so cute. My mom bought one very similar about four years ago. I always wanted to make one but never did.
I love the ice skates on them.
This is also for Sale at The Cannery in North Ogden.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Trimmings!

I cut these joy letters out of 2x8's
I then painted them and decorated them.
Here are a few items I made that are for SALE. They are all available at The CANNERY in North Ogden.
A couple years ago Jenny found these letters at the salvation army and this is what I turned them in to. I Love how they turned out.
Jenny made this Christmas card holder.

WOOL Sweater 2 Scripture Bag!

Scripture Bag is for SALE. It's available at The Cannery in North Ogden. This is my favorite scripture bag so far. I LOVE the pattern on the sweater.
This is the WOOL sweater after it is washed. Which after being washed would MAYBE fit a 4 1/2 year old little girl.
Jenny makes scripture bags out of WOOL sweaters she finds at the DI or SA. Before you make the sweater into a bag it has to be washed. So this sweater started out as a woman's 1XL.

Turquoise Mirror

THis mirror is SO PPPERTTY!
I love this color and the detail in the mirror.
(Doesn't the picture in the mirror look like a winter wonderland?)

***Update it has SOLD***
This mirror is for SALE. If interested contact Ashley at
Don't mind my hand. It's complicated to take pictures of mirrors and not have yourself in them. But I did an okay job. Step 2: The mirror is painted.
My mom found this beauty at Salvation Army. It makes us both giddy with excitement when we find cool stuff like this. Lately I have found lots of cool furnitue with this kind of detail. So keep checking back to see the ReDO's.