Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ashley Christmas Trimmings

I used the left over ribbon and bulbs from the wreaths I made and decorated the railing.
Sometimes pictures just don't show the true color of things.
This is a new addition to the Christmas decor. You take a side rail from a crib and turn it into a Christmas card holder. One of our crafty friends at Cassandra Design made one last year and I fell in love and new I needed one. So this year I made one.
Cassandra also hung bulbs from her light fixtures and I had all these huge bulbs left over from filling glass vases. So I used the left overs to hang from our light fixtures.
It's amazing at how the simplest things make a huge impact on a room. I love Christmas decorating. Check back tomorrow I am posting pics of the Christmas Tree and My Lovely Santa Claus and our outside decor.

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