Saturday, January 29, 2011


I Absolutely Love these chairs and how they turned out.
NO before pics of these two chairs-SORRY. I promise I am trying to be better at the before pics. These two chairs have been sitting in my moms basement for about a year in a half. They have been painted this Green color for a year so I added the damask to them because I think it is so cute and fun. Here they are before they are stained. This is one of my FAVORITE Green colors ever. I am redoing our master bedroom. Let's just say I am using this color in the mix. These two chairs are FOR SALE if interested contact me via email.

The COLOR is Aqua

Okay I'm a little forget me Nelly, because I thought I had pics of it painted but not stained. But NOPE, NADA, ZERO, ZILCH(Everyone is probably getting the point so I will stop). I hate it when I do this.
The color is from Rustoleum as well in AQUA Baby, I mean the color is just Aqua and I added the BABY. I also used the glaze on this piece and I LIKE, too I Love the details in this piece and the other piece as well. I was just thinking how crazy it is that this was IN in the 50, 60, 70 and it's COMM-IN BACK. I LOVE IT. If you are interest in this piece it is FOR SALE just email me.
ITEM SOLD 2/19/2011

The Color is Summer Squash-SOLD

Here is one of the colors I choose for the end tables. It makes me want the weather to be warm and sunny.
I thought the top was kinda plain and dull. So I vamped it up-not vamp as in vampire but just Vamped. I just made that word up and I'm tired so hopefully I am making sense??!!! I gave it some PIZ-A-ZZ. I think it just gives that little extra appeal. Well it does for me, anyway!!. I used a glaze on this piece for the first time. I usually use stain, but out here in blogger land people rant and rave about the tinted Ralph Lauren glaze. So I tried it, a little different but I LIKE. Here she is with no handles and NO VamPin and NO PIZ-A-ZZ. Again, NO VamPin or PIZ-A-ZZ!!!]] This is Summer Squash by Rustoleum in it's natuarl form. It's almost a pale yellow. But I LIKE. Another all natuaral pic. If interested this piece is FOR SALE just email me.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Decor

I made this for me front door about 3 years ago. I still LOVE it when Valentines comes around.

The Hugs and Kisses were a set that I got from Heartland Paper Co. in Bountiful 2 years ago. I made the wreath from the inspiration of Studio 5 last year. The candles are from the DI and I added valentine scrapbook paper and embellishments to them. I made the Love Blocks. Found the cute red candle holder at the DI for .75 cents-SCORE. Also made the heart picture after Jen from Tatertots and Jello. I cut out the little wood hearts with our Miter Saw.

A Crafty Soiree

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Color Did I Choose???!!!

Check back for what colors I choose for the two end tables. I am staining them tomorrow and posting the pics. See you soon. Ashley

Valentines Wreath

I decided to make a fabric tie wreath, after seeing some of the cuttest ones made on tatertots and jello. So this is my Valentine fabric tie wreath.
I went to JoAnnes and bought 4 different fabrics and bought 3/4 a yard of each. Cut the fabrics in 1 inch strips and then cut the strips into 6 inch pieces. Hopefully the made sense??Look at the pic below.
This is the fabric and the heart shaped wreath I found at Savers for $1.99. I just tied the 6 inch strips around the frame of the heart and left the stuff that it was made out of on it. I saw this exact heart shaped wreath at JoAnnes for 10.99. I was glad I only paid a 1.99(which I thought was kinda expensive for a thrift store)


DI Finds

I found these candle holders at the DI. I just love what a can of spray paint can do to things. I made these cute balls last year after watching an episode of Studio 5. I needed something to put them on. I Love Spray paint. They look totally amazing This one is my FAVORITE out of the three. I love the white ball on it.
I added the flowers with the scraps left over from making my Valentines wreath.
Gotta LOVE the DI and I only paid a dollar for each of them. Which is good they are complete brass. They are heavy little candle holders.
This is ma Favorite ball and Flower. I am going to make more to put in a clear vase.

Carrie's Bench

This bench is for Carrie. Hopefully she loves it as much as I do.
This is the bench before it's all primed. You will never guess where I found this baby crib????!!! I was going to Lucas Lumbar to get wood for some of my crafting projects. We drove past a hug building at 50 MPH and what did I see poking out of the garbage can as we flew by. This BEAUTIFUL crib. I was so excited, but of course my husband would NOT NOT turn around if his life depended on it. So the next day on my way to work I stopped at the hug building and parked next to the garbage can, looked around to see if anyone was watching-NOP NO ONE. Except the cars speeding past at 50 MPH. Grabbed the crib out of the garbage can and threw it in the back of the Subaru. Got in my car and drove to work.
This is the best dumpster find I have found thus far. Carrie I hope you love it! I am painting it tommorrow.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old Door To Picture Holder

I found this old wood door at an antique store. It was outside her shop in the parking lot. I asked her how much she wanted for it, she said $10.00-SCORE. So I got it. I didn't take before pictures because all I did to the door was sand it and stain it. It was primed already, SCORE again.
I LOVE PICTURES as you can see. I like different ways to display them in our home. I always thinking outside the box. I want to Hobby Lobby and bought the knob and the plaque behind the knob I got from a good friend that runs a thrift store and lets me rummage through all their knobs, pulleys, etc.
I didn't even paint the plaque I just steel wooled it a little to get the color back.
To actually hang the pictures to the door I bought the huge clips from Staples and covered them with paper.
I also used matte board to the back of the pictures for more color and stability. I got a big bundle of left over scraps from Bev's in Ogden for about $1.50. I love the way it turned out. Thanks for checking out my post.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What COLOR should I Be?

I am asking you to tell me what colors I should paint these end tables.
Here is the end table in it's original form. It's crazy how much better it looks primed. This is another really cool end table with a lot of character. I am also asking what color you think this should be painted.
This is the end table in it's original form. These were purchased at the DI. The colors I was thinking was one in turquoise and one in yellow???? Then I thought one maybe black and one in red???? Any feed back would be great. Gotta love husbands, mine just came in and asked," DO YOU REALLY think anyone is going to leave a comment about what color to paint those?" I said, YES.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dresser FOR Scrapbooking Room

This was my inspiration for this dresser. I saw this picture in Pier 1 magazine and knew I had to make it for my scrapbooking room.
This dresser had been sitting in my parents basement for over 20 years. It had the original DI sticker on it for $20.00. I asked my mom if she wanted it anymore and she said no. So I primed it and painted away. SORRY I don't have any before pics, because I did April 09 and I hardly ever took before pics of my projects.
I love the colors and how it turned out. Sorry about the lighting. My scrapbook room is in the basement with no windows!!!!!