Monday, January 10, 2011

BENCHES, BenCHes, and MoRE BEncHES!!!

This bench was very tricky, because usually you would use a head and foot board from the same bed. We had two head boards to work with on this one.
It's lower to the ground! I think it would be perfect in a kids room for a reading bench, or on a front porch. Here is one headboard.
We used this one for the sides of the bench. We cut of the legs to make it match the other head board.
I am so excited about this one. This is going to be SO SO SO CUTE when it's all painted, because of how tall it is. I Love it already and it's not even done yet
We had two of these to start out with. I LOVE LOVE that it has the wheels on it still and they work. My mom said when she was little her younger brother and sister both used a crib just like this one. So it's over 50 years old.
We have more to make this weekend, so check back soon.


  1. I want a bench like that!!!! They are soooo cute! If I find some stuff at the DI would you guys make one for me??

  2. Yes, we can build you one if you found the headboards and footboards. Just email me when you find what your looking for.