Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Color is Summer Squash-SOLD

Here is one of the colors I choose for the end tables. It makes me want the weather to be warm and sunny.
I thought the top was kinda plain and dull. So I vamped it up-not vamp as in vampire but just Vamped. I just made that word up and I'm tired so hopefully I am making sense??!!! I gave it some PIZ-A-ZZ. I think it just gives that little extra appeal. Well it does for me, anyway!!. I used a glaze on this piece for the first time. I usually use stain, but out here in blogger land people rant and rave about the tinted Ralph Lauren glaze. So I tried it, a little different but I LIKE. Here she is with no handles and NO VamPin and NO PIZ-A-ZZ. Again, NO VamPin or PIZ-A-ZZ!!!]] This is Summer Squash by Rustoleum in it's natuarl form. It's almost a pale yellow. But I LIKE. Another all natuaral pic. If interested this piece is FOR SALE just email me.

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