Saturday, January 15, 2011

What COLOR should I Be?

I am asking you to tell me what colors I should paint these end tables.
Here is the end table in it's original form. It's crazy how much better it looks primed. This is another really cool end table with a lot of character. I am also asking what color you think this should be painted.
This is the end table in it's original form. These were purchased at the DI. The colors I was thinking was one in turquoise and one in yellow???? Then I thought one maybe black and one in red???? Any feed back would be great. Gotta love husbands, mine just came in and asked," DO YOU REALLY think anyone is going to leave a comment about what color to paint those?" I said, YES.


  1. Hee hee I'm gonna be the first!!! I'm going to mix up your two thoughts and say turquiose and red! I love the two colors together and they make great furniture colors as well! Just what I you can tell him that someone did comment! HA!

  2. Oh my, the hardest thing I do is pick colors!
    You are one smart girl to get input! I trust your judgement! I can't wait to see what you do! And I LOVE these pieces!

  3. I love turquoise...and lots of colors look really great with it. I love the yellow idea...fresh and fun and will be perfect for spring. Everyone wants a little more color in the spring time....being tired of all the dirty whites and greys. Good luck..They will turn out great!

  4. Ashley.. I love these tables! I love turquoise.. love yellow and I love Mustard yellow with brown stain.. and I love RED.. not much help am I.. but I love your blog!