Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We have lived in our house for 9 years, and never had a mantle.
So when the hubs said I could get a mantle. I was so excited and he didn't have to tell me twice. 
I was on it that night.
So here is the before pic.
I looked on Pinterest to get some mantle ideas(I swear that thing is the death of me).
This what I cam up with. 
This is before the last piece had to be built and installed.
She is all taped of and ready to be painted and primed.
Not in that order, though!
It's is so pretty, almost to pretty to paint!!! not really..
If you know me I love to paint things.
White is my new favorite color.
 all primed....... This pic makes me dislike our TV even more. 
It's so GINORMOUS.... One day we will have a flat screen, until that day this will do!
Back to the Mantle!
Look at all the plastic and tape. Didn't want any over spray.
This is primed and painted. 
Can't wait to decorate it, and MERRY CHRISTMAS to me.
I know it took me a bit to post the pics.
 I love the way it turned out. No more bare empty wall.
 I love how tall it is. It 59 inches tall. 
That's sad that my eyebrows are the same height as the mantle.
You don't have to tell me... I already know I am short.
I love all the different dimensions of the mantle. 
 I love the boxiness of the bottom. 
The boxiness matches our new railing.
 I am so loving having a mantle, it only took 9 years to figure out what I wanted.
But it was worth the wait.
Our stinkin couch is in the way to take a picture of the whole mantle.
I was to lazy to move it..... Valentine Mantle decor is under Labels: Valentine.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Victorian Picture Frame Turned Mirror

While I was at my visit to the Salvation Army, I came across this beauty. To most it may seem ugly, dirty, and just old fashion. Especially the lovely scenery in the picture. 
But I new the potential this frame had.
 Look at all the detail, it's so beautiful. I knew where I was going to hang it. We were in the process of getting a new railing when I found this frame. It would be perfect for our entry way. I had to have it!
It was marked $30.00...Steal.... I was so excited and giddy.
Like a little girl in a candy store.
 This boy looks like he is drowning to me....odd!
I know he is suppose to be drinking the water, but that's not what it looks like at all.
This is the beauty all painted and stained. 
I am loving white lately. So this is what color I painted it.
Just off the subject, when I take pictures of mirrors I wish I was a vampire.
Then that person with crazy curly hair and hot pink fleece would not be seen in this pic....
So much detail.
 The stain brings it all out.
(Again I am a vampire....)
  I am a vampire....
You CAN'T see me. You only see the BEAUTIFUL mirror.
I am so happy with how it turned out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Be the Good.....

I found this on Pinterest and fell in LOVE.
I already had this huge door.
I gave it a fresh coat of white paint.
Got the vinyl from The Cannery in North Ogden.
I placed the vinyl on it and started tracing the BE THE GOOD.
I would paint the letter after i traced it.
I have a mirror wall that I used this same mustard color, and I love it so that's what color I used.
I found the globes at the DI in Idaho Falls, Idaho and the other one in the Ogden, Utah DI.
Always on the lookout for globes.
I am so thrilled with how it turned out.
I hope to inspire my boys to be the good.