Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Victorian Picture Frame Turned Mirror

While I was at my visit to the Salvation Army, I came across this beauty. To most it may seem ugly, dirty, and just old fashion. Especially the lovely scenery in the picture. 
But I new the potential this frame had.
 Look at all the detail, it's so beautiful. I knew where I was going to hang it. We were in the process of getting a new railing when I found this frame. It would be perfect for our entry way. I had to have it!
It was marked $30.00...Steal.... I was so excited and giddy.
Like a little girl in a candy store.
 This boy looks like he is drowning to me....odd!
I know he is suppose to be drinking the water, but that's not what it looks like at all.
This is the beauty all painted and stained. 
I am loving white lately. So this is what color I painted it.
Just off the subject, when I take pictures of mirrors I wish I was a vampire.
Then that person with crazy curly hair and hot pink fleece would not be seen in this pic....
So much detail.
 The stain brings it all out.
(Again I am a vampire....)
  I am a vampire....
You CAN'T see me. You only see the BEAUTIFUL mirror.
I am so happy with how it turned out.

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