Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Master Bedrroom End Tables

I found these BEAUTIES at the Salvation Army. I paid 15.00 for the both of them.
I couldn't say no to that. I new I loved them from the moment I laid eyes on them.
Loving all the detail.
I love the shape of this one. Brandon loves the color green.
So I painted them to match our dresser.

 Crazy what a little paint can do, Always amazed.
Love how the stain makes everything POP.
A close up of all the details, details, details...
So I kept debating on what knobs to use. The originals or these pretty glass ones.
I kept going back and forth, forth and back.
or ORIGINAL!!!!!
Let me know what you like.
I think I know but would still like some input...
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Gretchen Dresser

Gretchen wanted this dresser/changing table a different color.
She painted it this light green, but was looking for something more modern.
Gretchen chose Black. I love the knobs she added to it. Black and White checker.
It still amazes me what a different color can do to a piece of furniture.