Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jenny's Mirror Wall

This is Jenny's Mirror wall. It turned out so stinkin CUTE.
I love all the frames.
Everyone of these frames was from the Salvation Army.
It took about 6 months probable even longer, searching for frames! Finding empty frames, and searching for frames with mirrors.
So don't get discouraged if you go in search of certain item and they don't have it! It may take a dozen trips but you will find something unique. Just give it time!
We even had a empty spot on the wall because I thought Jenny should hang a letter F with yarn wrapped around it. But after about 3 weeks Jenny found another unique small mirror.
So you can guess who won!
(the frame below that has a quaterfoil shape. It's above the oval mirror)
There are alot of mirrors. They are all different and unique in there own way.
I have two favorite mirrors.
The one behind the bird cage and the last mirror that won over the letter F with yarn.
Bright and Sunny!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mirror Walls

So every where you turn on blogs you see Mirror walls!
I love mirrors and how they brighten up a room.
So my mom and I both wanted mirror walls
These are the frames my mom choose.
She painted all her mirrors Rustoleum 2X Spray Paint in Summer Squash.
Then stained them in Minwax Jacob Bean
This is a trick my good friend Martha taught me. Trace all your frames/mirrors on a piece of paper, then place them on the wall in which ever order you choose.
This is so much easier when it comes to hanging the mirrors/frames as well.
This is the wall I choose to do my mirrors on.
I painted stripes to add some character to the wall first.
Come back and check out the finished products for our mirror walls.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chevron Bench

jENNY got this at the Salvation Army for FREE!!!!!
Can you believe some of the things people will throw away!
They were going to throw it away because it was damaged.
But with a little TLC and Gorilla glue Jenny got her back in good condition.
I love this color of turquoise, it's called Lagoon.
Love Chevron too, so we put my two loves together.
If I don't say so myself I like these two loves together.
I also love the detail in this bench.
I love the legs and the back of the bench. The wood work is amazing.
Another item that was for the Scraps of Simplicity. 
THe bench SOLD
Link Partees
Sugar Bee Crafts Take a Look Tuesday
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scraps of SImplicity

These are some of the items we took to the Scraps of Simplicity Boutique!
Lagoon High Chair with Damask Seat.

Round Yellow Shelf with Stenciled Flowers.
Stenciled Flowers in black, grey, and white.
Yellow SHelf is FOR SALE
I LOVE this little kid chair.
The Navy with the Green
And who doesn't Love POLKA DOTS.
This CHair SOLD
Light Blue Bread Box and Envelope Holder
Paper Towel Holder or Toilet Paper Holder!
All three of these SOLD
Love this Globe on a Stand. 
Another Light Blue Round Table
Picture does not do this justice. Has another stencil on this piece.
THis is a close up of the stencil.
This Light Blue Round Table FOR SALE-This beauty just SOLD!!!
I love this nightstand as well. I am addicted to stencils.
Can you tell!!!!!
Cute in a little girls room or in a  Living room
And this you can defiantly see the detail in the stencil.
This Black End Table is FOR SALE
The ones that did not Sale are available at THE CANNERY.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Jenni & I found this stool at the Salvation Army.
Instantly knew we had to have it. The gorgeous detail it had.
This after the cushion is removed and a little distressing.
So this is where the fun begins.
I choose this Lime Green because it's so fun, and I knew once it was stained the detail would really pop against this bright color.
A close up of the details.
The fabric is so fun. You don't see these color together a lot! But I thought it was fun and I liked it!
This is just some of the stuff we took to Scraps of Simplicity boutique.
I know it was almost a month ago. I have been slacking on blogging!
Also loved this little nightstand to go in a Master bedroom or even in a living room.
I love this color and the detail on this piece as well.