Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jenny's Mirror Wall

This is Jenny's Mirror wall. It turned out so stinkin CUTE.
I love all the frames.
Everyone of these frames was from the Salvation Army.
It took about 6 months probable even longer, searching for frames! Finding empty frames, and searching for frames with mirrors.
So don't get discouraged if you go in search of certain item and they don't have it! It may take a dozen trips but you will find something unique. Just give it time!
We even had a empty spot on the wall because I thought Jenny should hang a letter F with yarn wrapped around it. But after about 3 weeks Jenny found another unique small mirror.
So you can guess who won!
(the frame below that has a quaterfoil shape. It's above the oval mirror)
There are alot of mirrors. They are all different and unique in there own way.
I have two favorite mirrors.
The one behind the bird cage and the last mirror that won over the letter F with yarn.
Bright and Sunny!

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  1. Love Love Love them! Been working on anything?
    miss you and your posts!