Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NOT A Little Girl!

My neighbor wanted a desk for her daughters room. She asked me if I could find a desk and chair. She wanted the desk white, because her husband had recently repainted her room in hot pink and green. I found the fabric at JoAnnes, it went so wonderfully with the colors in her room. I love this chair all the details on the legs. The desk was so fun to make. The back is an old window pain, with a mirror, dry erase board, magnet board, and two cork boards covered in fabric with ribbon.
Her daughter was so excited and really LOVED it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sorry, I haven't posted anything. I have been out of town. Spending time with the most wonderful people in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Thanks everyone for the great trip. Love spending time with family and friends. This week I am going to post a desk and chair I did for my neighbors little girls room, who IS NOT a LITTLE girl, anymore!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Broyhill Dresser

Okay, so I am in the process of finding furniture to ReDo our(Ashley and Beanz) Master Bedroom. So after work on Monday I stopped at!!!!Can anyone guess-HHHMMM? Of course the Salvation Army and what did I stumble upon the COOLest Broyhill dresser that has amazing details and indtricate carvings. I was SO SO SO EXCITED. Couldn't contain myself-But lets go back 4 hours earlier. I'm ready to leave for work, and I beat NO one else does this but me!! I CANNOT find my purse-looked on the chair by the back door, the front seat of my car, the trunk of my car, my bedroom, and the floor by my bookcase-NOPE nowhere to be found. I call up my mom and ask her if I left it on the kitchen chair-YEP. So back to Salvation Army I HAVE NO MONEY to pay for this dresser. I BEG and BEG to have them hold it and I will come and pic it up on Tuesday. So I brought the Baby home today. All I can say is they DO NOT make dresser like they used to. It is the heavest Baby in the world. I forgot my camera-so I will take pics and everyone can see the before of the Broyhill dresser. I am so Excited to ReDo the Master Bedroom. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!..))

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finding Old Doors

I am ReDo-ing our Master Bedroom and I am looking for two old wooden doors. I am looking for something similar to this. The only problem is I need two doors and have only found one. I am looking for doors with intricate details like this, I need two. If you know where I could find any let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. PLEASE HELP!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scraps of Simplicity Boutique

I love doing this boutique every year, getting to chat and see the other CRAZY ladies that have the same crafting gene that we all have. Getting to hang with them for the day, exchanging stories of what DEALS that we have found and what products we like. Laughing about how much are husbands LOVE that we do this!!! Thanks to all you great ladies that make me smile.

Scraps of Simplicity Boutique

Scraps of Simplicity Boutique

Old Chair & Magazine Rack

I have no idea what this chair is for and what it's called but it is a heavy little sucker.
Love the Fabric!!! This chair is for SALE, contact Ashley at

Roller Chair-SOLD

So I spray painted the chair green and it was a little plain. So I hand painted this design on it. I saw a post on and I fell in love with the design.
A close up of the color and the design This chair is for SALE, contact Ashley at

Orange Rocking Chair-SOLD

Jenny found this rocking chair at the Salvation Army. It was a bare rocking chair, it had no bum cushion, just springs. We had this fabric left over from another project. The pillow was from DI. Jenny made a new bum cushion and made a new pillow for the back cushion. It is the most comfurtable rocking chair, ever.
This rocking chair is for SALE, contact Ashley at

Before Coffee Table

The before of the coffee table

Black Coffee Tables

Okay, so everything I have been ReDO-ing lately is bright and full of color, so with these two bedside tables or coffee tables I went with just black. I spray paint the original knobs white to give it a little pop.
The drawers pull out and hold stuff. These benches are for SALE, Contact Ashley at

Crib Bench-SOLD

This fabric was on clearance at Jo-Annes. I really liked the COLOR GREEN and pattern on it.
Jenny found this crib in the garbage at the Salvation Army, and she knew what she could do with it. I love the Color and how it turned out. I really like how the back of the bench is so high. This Bench is for SALE, contact Ashley at if interested!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Twin Bed to Bench

This is our first Bench from a twin headboard.
I really liked how it turned out.
The cushion is removable. A close up of the Fabric.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Claret Wine High Back Chair & Bookcase

About a year ago on Studio 5 Heather from Heartland Paper showed a high back chair that she had spray painted and put Baby scrapbook paper on the high backs. It was very Cute. So when Jenny brought this home from Salvation Army, I new what we could do with it.
The bookcase was kinda plain spray painted just black. So I added scrapbook paper to the back of the bookcase. I used the same black and white themed scrapbook paper on the high back chair. Here is a close up of the scrapbook papers I used. I Love black and white together with a pop of color. I spray painted a my kitchen stool this same color and fell in love with it. I used Rust-Oleum Claret Wine on the high back chair and Canyon Black on the bookcase. This Claret Wine High Back chair is SOLD THe Canyon Bookcase is SOLD

Summer Squash Chair and Stool-SOLD

This is the before of the chair. I forgot to take a before of the stool.
I Love the color scheme of this chair and stool. The pillow is another FAVORITE, black and white polka dot with yellow trim. The pillow makes the chair stand out. Jenny used the left over fabric from the stool to make the cute flower. She was upset because I made her make the flower bigger. But my motto is the bigger the better. The flower on the pillow compliments the the fabric on the stool. This is a close up of the fabric that always starts out the project and helps me decide what colors I will use on the project. Last year I made a similar chair with this fabric and used the same color spray paint. It was one of the first chairs I sold. So I had this fabric left over. Which inspired me do use it on this stool and the pillow. The used Rust-Oleum Spray Paint in Summer Squash These items are for SALE, contact Ashley at

Chair-N-Side Table Thing a BOB!-SOLD

So I am posting all this furniture that is for sale. I ask my husband what would this be called and his comment was, UGLY!! SO RUDE!! Husbands just don't understand going to the DI and SA to find cool old furniture to ReDo and Sale or sometimes even keep. Back to the Chair-N-Side Table Thing a Bob. I don't know its official name, so this is what I named it.
This picture shows the true color of the chair. The inspiration for this color was of course from the fabric. I Love how this chair and how it turned out. This is what the fabric looks like. I used Valspar Flat Cool Jade Spray paint on the Chair-N-Side Table and the Magazine Rack I used Rust-Oleum Espresso Spray Paint. These items are for Sale if interested contact Ashley at