Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So I Absolutely LOVE these old school Metal stools and chairs.

When ever I see one I seriously give out a little SQEEL of delight.

I thought I had a before pic but I couldn't find it:::!!! OOps

I am in love with damask and black and white.

Also love it paired with yellow, turquoise, grape, and hot pink!!!

This is a stool that is a little different than any ones I have seen.

Most of the metal stools and chairs have rubber on the stepping ladders, but this one is all metal.

I Love how the stepping stool folds up underneath the actual stool.

I want to keep this for myself but I wish that about ALOT of the pieces I do. But obviously I can't keep them all.
This is FOR SALE at THE CANNERY in North Ogden

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GIRL-EE Dresser and Nightstand

These are my OLD dressers and they needed a face lift.

I think just about one in every three girls had one of these growing up. Maybe not this tall dresser but the same white dresser with gold trim. I know a couple of my friends had some growing up.

 The handles are my favorite.

They are so girl-EE and just so cute.

I wanted something WAY girl-EE. Pink, White, and Green are the colors I choose.

I wanted to try stripes so this is what I came up with.

Things like this make me hope that one day we will have a little girl-EE in our home!!

The end table is what got me started. I saw a dresser similar to this on KSL and I absolutely fell in love

and had to give it a try.

I did the stripes on the top of the nightstand because it's so short you would be able to see it.

For the tall dresser if I painted the stripes on the top of it-you would have to be GIANT to see them, and lets just say I am not a GIANT.

So I did the stripes down the front of four drawers.

 I also painted the tall dressers sides green to tie in the green pieces on the drawers.

These dressers are FOR SALE as a set
The tall dresser is 21 1/2in across X 54in high X 17 1/2in deep
The nightstand is 21 1/2in X 24 1/4in X 15in

$300.00 for the set
Link Parties I Love to follow




Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The World Goes Round


I saw this at the Salvation Army and fell in love.
Love globes and the stand is Beautiful. This is the before and sanded down.
When choosing the color I wanted to bring out the Sea Foam Green in the globe.
It turned out FABULOUS and I am loving it.
Why is it that I love everything!!!!
It just brings out the countries that are the Sea Foam Green. I am in lOVE. Distressed and stained.
But it SOLD Today!!
Someone loved it as much as I do!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Front Door Decorations

I am in LOVE with owls right know. I think a lot of us are.
A couple weeks ago on Facebook someone posted a picture of a owl they had seen at a wood shop. I thought I could make one bigger and give it a twist of my own.
So this is what I came up with. I had painted damask pattern over the whole body of the owl. Since it's my favorite pattern right know. Then added some beadboard for the eyes and stomach for a different texture.
I think it turned out SO SO SO cute. This OWL is for SALE at The Cannery in North Ogden. Across from Kirts!


So these are some of the front door hangings I have made for Fall.

This is also a front door hanger.

Earlier this spring I would drive past this house on Harrisville Road that had the Biggest and Cutest Flower on there front door. Every time I drove by I would think I am going to make one.

So I did!!! But I like the owl it needed a twist of Ashley. I changed the shape of the center part.

I also added a little owl, because I think they are adorable.

This is also FOR SALE at The Cannery Center

This is a close up of the little Owl. Isn't he SO FREAKIN cute?

Well I think he is!

I also made the biggest and cutest Sunflower for a front door hanger. you can see I added another owl. I might have an obsession with these adorable things.

This little guy is even littler than the owl on the huge flower.

This is also FOR SALE at The Cannery Center.


I am working on some Halloween stuff right know. I am making a witch and some Halloween Welcome hangers. So check back to see!!