Saturday, October 5, 2013


Dark Magic Halloween book . When my friend could not find a cool Halloween book on etsy for his Halloween party, I showed him some that I had made in the past. He liked them but wanted something more authentic looking with real pages that had stuff on and in them, not just a book with a creepy cover. So the
creating began.
I decided to try a new technique with paper mache pulp to make the snake on the outside to the cover. It was fun. I put tons of glue and mod podge on it to make sure it would not fall off. Then I covered the whole book with tissue paper and mod podge to give it the texture of an old used leather book.
 Then I painted the book and the snake black. The snake needed something extra so I added some eyes. I then outlined the snake with white to make him show up better. It makes the snake look Creepy and Cool. 
 This is how it began;
 First I took one of the old books I had on hand from DI. I stained each and every page with a water base stain, drying them with my hair dryer as I went. then I had to let it dry for a few days. Next came burning the pages. I used a candle instead of a lighter, easier on my fingers, I did it over the sink and had a cup of water and a brush handy, if the page started to burn too far, simply wet the brush and brush next to the flame. Then came the fun part. After searching the internet and looking at endless books that had cutesy pages.
I was on my own. 
 Each day I would look at different things from the internet see something I thought was cool and started to create more pages. Hours and hours went into the book, but It was so fun doing it, a labor of love.
 I glued several pages together of each finished page, making sure that every page that is seen is a creepy saying or potion and pictures. The writing for the book is on brown poster that I had on hand from DI. I crinkled it up, then flattened it out and wrote the sayings, then tore all the edges and mod podged them to the pages in the book.
 As I saw a cool creepy picture I would look through all the downloads of spells and create my own unique pages. 
 This page is one of my favorites of a partial transformation.
This spirit guards the book and hides in the black pages of the book. Be careful not to let him out!

  The book had three cool pictures of ladies, I thought "A HA" turn them into vampires, so I painted them scary, sealed them with mod podge. I called my friend and asked for some names, and this what he came up with Opal Nicolletti. Then I had to make stories about them.
I loved this label so I added it and it needed something on the other pages so I thought why not add a miniature potion bottle.
Finding a label for this tiny bottle took some looking, but I found one on the internet. I cut a hole in the pages and glued some black tulle and mesh to hold it in the book. soo tiny and soo cute!
 oops I mean soo creepy!
 The book had some unique chapter titles. I ripped them out and turned them into a page.
Painted the edged black to cover all the regular print in the book.

The book also had some cemetery pictures that I incorporated into my pages. 
 More creepy pictures.
 Another vampire.
This is Bellatrix Mabuse. 
The third vampire Justine Vossen.
Did you notice the fangs and yes those are bite marks on their necks.
 I had a big spider that was way to fat to simply stick  in the book. So yes, I cut a big space in the book and glued the pages together and wa lah the perfect spider hiding place, The Black Tufted Spider of 1641. Last known in existence. Safe  in the Book. This is the end.
 The black mesh keeps him safe from falling out of the book, and certain death. 
The book holds magic powers keeping him alive. 
 I saved some space in the back in case Chad decide to add some more creepy things for another year! 
This is what it looks like, from the front.