Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sorry about posting things! My computer got a virus. It is crazy how much you realize you us a computer for when yours is gone. It came home yesterday, YEAH!! I will post Candace's finished table and chairs. They turned out SO SO CUTE. I have some pics of Christmas decor and more. Check back tomorrow and I will get some things posted.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Candace CHaiRS-StEP 2

The chairs are all primed
Ready to paint the chairs.

Candace TabLE-SteP 2

These are the tables all primed up.
Here is the table with both leafs in. It's a LONG Table
All primed and ready to paint.
Tomorrow is painting time.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Candace KitCHen ChAiRS-SteP 1

These chairs were a PAIN in my BUUUTTTTTT!!! I didn't have any idea these six chairs were going to be so much work to remove the fabric. The first thing I did was started taking off the upholster tacks and the decorative trim. I found three of the chairs had no fabric under them, two had green fabric under them, and the one in this picture had this fabric. Under the trim I found HUNDREDS of staples and brads, NO NOT BRADS!!!!!

So as you can see here are the THOUSAND-HUNDRED staples on these chairs. Not only did they use staples they used brads. If you don't know what they are they are used with an air compressor and they sink beneath the surface of the wood. In order to get the brads out we had to dig them out-PAIN IN MY BBBUUUTTTTTTTT!!!!!

I forgot to take a picture before I put the wood filler in all the holes that we dug the brads out of. But here is what it looks like with the wood filler in the holes.
This is the wood filler sanded off. That took A LOT longer than originally thought. Next Step Priming the table and chairs. I will post the pictures tomorrow. Now the fun begins, YEAH!! Okay I changed how you post my post-THE DUMB computer SAID it's so much EASIER. Can you tall how much easier it was for me. I started this post at 10:30 and it's WHAT TIME know. MY computer is the BIGGEST LIAR. GOOD NIGHT!!!!!! Hopefully tomorrows post will be AALLOTT smoother.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Candace KiTCen TAbLE

Here is the table we are ReDo-Ing for Kandace. Isn't the table so beautiful look at all the detail on the legs. The legs are big, bulky, GINORMOUS (don't mind me I make up my own words all the time) they are just incredible.
It also has two leafs that can be added to the table to make it A LOT longer. Stay tuned for the afters, it will be SPECTACULAR!!!

Candace KItcHen tABle & CHaIRs

At the fall boutique a vendor asked my mom if we ReDO furniture for other people? YES, of course we do! So this is Kandace's kitchen chairs.
Kandace did not do THIS-Purple cushions to these lovely chairs. Just look at the detail, they are gorgeous chairs. Don't know why anyone would want to do THAT-Purple cushions to these beautiful chairs!! Kandace purchased these off of KSL. So the people who owned them before thought they needed to be covered. This is a close up of how they added the cushions. Initially I didn't think they would be to hard to take of the cushions!!!???!!! I will post the pics tomorrow of what I am talking about.