Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Broyhill Dresser

Okay, so I am in the process of finding furniture to ReDo our(Ashley and Beanz) Master Bedroom. So after work on Monday I stopped at!!!!Can anyone guess-HHHMMM? Of course the Salvation Army and what did I stumble upon the COOLest Broyhill dresser that has amazing details and indtricate carvings. I was SO SO SO EXCITED. Couldn't contain myself-But lets go back 4 hours earlier. I'm ready to leave for work, and I beat NO one else does this but me!! I CANNOT find my purse-looked on the chair by the back door, the front seat of my car, the trunk of my car, my bedroom, and the floor by my bookcase-NOPE nowhere to be found. I call up my mom and ask her if I left it on the kitchen chair-YEP. So back to Salvation Army I HAVE NO MONEY to pay for this dresser. I BEG and BEG to have them hold it and I will come and pic it up on Tuesday. So I brought the Baby home today. All I can say is they DO NOT make dresser like they used to. It is the heavest Baby in the world. I forgot my camera-so I will take pics and everyone can see the before of the Broyhill dresser. I am so Excited to ReDo the Master Bedroom. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!..))

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  1. I Love it! I am excited for you, I know how much you wanted one of these dressers! Can't wait to see it done!