Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old Door To Picture Holder

I found this old wood door at an antique store. It was outside her shop in the parking lot. I asked her how much she wanted for it, she said $10.00-SCORE. So I got it. I didn't take before pictures because all I did to the door was sand it and stain it. It was primed already, SCORE again.
I LOVE PICTURES as you can see. I like different ways to display them in our home. I always thinking outside the box. I want to Hobby Lobby and bought the knob and the plaque behind the knob I got from a good friend that runs a thrift store and lets me rummage through all their knobs, pulleys, etc.
I didn't even paint the plaque I just steel wooled it a little to get the color back.
To actually hang the pictures to the door I bought the huge clips from Staples and covered them with paper.
I also used matte board to the back of the pictures for more color and stability. I got a big bundle of left over scraps from Bev's in Ogden for about $1.50. I love the way it turned out. Thanks for checking out my post.


  1. That is so fun! I love the way you chose to use clips on it.

    Visiting from Yesterday on Tuesday.

  2. What a creative way to display pictures. It looks great!

    I would love to have you join my new link party.

  3. Adorable like you two are! Thanks for your thoughts - you know how much I think of you and love you! Yup, I do!