Saturday, January 29, 2011


I Absolutely Love these chairs and how they turned out.
NO before pics of these two chairs-SORRY. I promise I am trying to be better at the before pics. These two chairs have been sitting in my moms basement for about a year in a half. They have been painted this Green color for a year so I added the damask to them because I think it is so cute and fun. Here they are before they are stained. This is one of my FAVORITE Green colors ever. I am redoing our master bedroom. Let's just say I am using this color in the mix. These two chairs are FOR SALE if interested contact me via email.


  1. Love these!!!! Love your two tables and the colors you chose too!!!! Super cute!! And I am terrible at before pics too...I just get so dang excited to start I just start! LOL

  2. I love them too! Oh my, you guys are so good! and crazy like me! xoxo

  3. These chairs are really adorable-love anything damask!! I'm your newest follower-Claire