Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blue and Brown Kids Chair

This chair was in someones yard in North Ogden and every time I drove buy I LOVED it. So one day a man was putting things in a HUGE dumpster outside. So I stopped and asked if the little old lady that lived here had past away? He replied no, she lives in assisted living know and he was hired by the family to clean the house. I asked if I could buy this cute little chair? He said take it. I was so excited because i knew how cut it would go with the little table and other chairs.
I love the back of this chair. It's so retro! I painted the little rubber covers to match the seat of the chair. This blue color is so bright and fun. This chair is FOR SALE with the Kids Play Table This is her before! I did like the color of the original seat but it just didn't match what I needed it for. So I used spray paint for plastic. It is the cutest little chair.

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