Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crib Bench

I finished this bench about a week ago and I love it. I kept it for myself that's how much I love it. I Love the fabric. I am looking for yellow striped fabric to make a smaller pillow. This pillow is from Salvation Army. It was originally from Target. It has a tear on the back(who looks at the backs of pillows) So for $3.00 what the heck.
I can't decide which way I like the pillow. So it gets changed back and forth ALOT. My husband refers to me as MONK(from the TV series) I'm not that bad!!! I can't help I like things a certain way. Another thing I love about this bench is the original wheels.
Here she is painted. I am in love with this green color. I am in the process of Redo-ing our Master Bedroom and this is one of the colors I am using on the furniture.
This is her before priming and painted. I added the wood decals for a little extra CUTENESS.


  1. Talented! The benches are hard, but worth it! This is a really cute one! I love the fabric and color too! What color of green did you use. . . so I can copy!

  2. Soooo...I pretty much love your blog! HA And I have listed you as one of my favorite blogs and it comes with the "versitile blog" award! Come on over if you'd like to join in.


    I'm thinking I need one of those things! They are SUPER duper cute! Love that Green!