Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dads Old Metal Chairs ReDO



These are the coolest chairs I love them. My friend Cami asked if I could ReDo her fathers old metal chair-ABSOLUTELY I told her. She told me this chair once belonged to Camis*Fathers* mother. Essentially Cami’s grandmothers.

Hopefully you are following me here::))!!!

So anyway, Cami wanted to surprise her father for Fathers Day and give him this chair ReDOne and also wanted me to find him another one to match.


Look at all this rust and ICKY-ness. Nothing that a little TLC won’t cure. So I was on the hunt for one of these metal chairs to match her fathers*mothers chair-EXACTICALLY!!! If anyone has loooked for one of these chairs you will know they are hard to come buy and they are few and far between. They can also be very expensive.


Well luckily for me I didn’t have to look to far. I went to my parents house because my dad is kinda a collector of these chairs. So I had to ask the HARD question-Will my dad part with one of these chairs?? Well with a little convincing he said yes. BUT NEVER, NEVER, EVER ask again because these CHAIRS are hard to come buy and it took me a LONG time get them….. BLAH BLAH BLAH as he is telling me all this.


SO here are the LOVELY two tone chairs that I adore so much. I love the way they turned out. Cami was so excited to get them back. She couldn’t believe how well the two matched and the color was basically the exact same color. Her father loved them too!


I accidentally put the same pic up-OH WELL!!


This was a fun experience to do these chairs it did take a LOT longer to get them apart then I thought it would. I had to saw the screws out of the white frame and the seats because they were SO SO SO SO SO SO rusted they were not budging at all. But they turned out BEAU-tiful. My dad know wants to two tone his chairs as well. I told him have fun with that!!!

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