Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Tri Fold Table

My friend Jenny was going to take this to the DI and she knows that I like to make treasures out of trash::))
When she dropped it off I fell in love with it.
I loved how it folded down and how it was originally green and then it was painted white.
We have a end table that is green underneath and painted white over the top.
So I figured we will just distress the crap out of it.
So this is what we came up with.
and I am loving it.
I seriously love how it folds down to a small end table that can go behind a couch or in an entry way::))
Then it can fold out to a table for parties or get togethers.
I added the flower stencil to give it something extra.
The flowers are green to bring out the green in the distressing.
I am so loving this table.
I used two different greens to make the flowers.

This Table is SOLD

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