Saturday, September 29, 2012

Victorian Mirror

Okay Sorry I haven't blogged for over a month. I have been CRAZY busy.  All I can say is kudos to moms out there with five kids in sports, dance, piano, ect, ect, and ect...... I only have two kids and I think I have hectic life.....
But moving on. I am going to try my darndest to  keep this updated. This will tell you how behind on my post I am. I got this mirror the same time I painted Carries Black Pantry Door. If you go to my labels and click on black you will find that pantry door. Just don't look at the date.....
On my weekly rounds at the DI aka Deseret Industry I strolling around as usual and come across this baby in the bed sections. I looked at the Price and about screamed out loud and did a little dance. This Monsterous BEAUtiful Baby was a whopping $5.00. I know the mirror alone is more than $5.00. I was uderley SHOCKED and GIDDY.... Thought maybe they miss priced it, but with about 9 stickers on it all saying $5.00. It must be correct. I think the person with the sticker gun was a little sticker happy!
I put this mirror in my cart so fast and it took up the whole cart and then some!

I knew instantly it was going to be a Beauty. I choose to paint it different shade of green. My hubs likes green and well so do I. I call it pukish green, but with stain on it I knew it would be PURRTYY...
I put it on our plant shelf to add some light  and because I think it looks cute!
It's funny looking at this picture everything in it (except Raggedy Ashley and Raggedy Brandon who are wearing our own baby clothes) is from either the DI or SA. Can anyone say addicted!

So in these two pictures I changed something up a bit. Because I am addicted to changing things. Can anyone tell  me what it is?

 Okay and I am LOVING the mirror and I am hating how the stinkin Smoke detector is no longer white but yellow. I am wondering while I type this can you spray paint the cover of smoke detectors?
I love how the stain brings out every beautiful detail. I also have a question for my fellow Redo Gals out in the world do your husband like or hate that we(and I mean you and I) Redo things?
Because mine looks at this mirror and thinks it's the most HIDEOUS thing out there..... I know right.. IDIOT......(IDIOT that I love) but IDIOT is what I think when he makes remarks like this.....
Okay it's 12:24 am and I am pooped from the many adventures. 
SO Good Night and Good Day.......

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  1. How awesome!! Wow, $5...that's a steal! I love the color,it is very pretty. I miss you all in Utah too! I miss working with your Mom! Tell her Hi! You would die if you came out many different stores but, no DI's nothing even close SO...feel lucky you have such awesome thrift stores, I have to do more estate and garage sales...that's just how we roll around here! Miss you guys! Hope all is well!