Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Be MY Valentine....

I made a few new Valentine Decor this year.
Some stuff to sell and some to keep for myself.
Pinterest is my inspiration for this canvas art.
 So I started with canvas that I found at the DI for a $1.00.
I painted one Red and another one Pink. 
Then I put frog tape on the side so it would stay the color I painted it.
 I put the Vinyl in them both. 
Can you tell the difference between the two?
 Then I spray painted them both white.
Let the paint dry!
Start peeling the vinyl off.
I sanded the edges, scratch it up. Brush on some glaze, and wipe it off.
This is the finished product.
 My neighbor gave me a whole bunch of these hearts.
So I  painted the sides and back.
Went thru my scrapbook paper. 
This is what I came up with.
 I think they turned out cute. 
I made two different hearts to hang from your front doors.
I changed the arrow this year and I like it more than last years.
 Added some left over valentine paper to the little hearts and lots of fluffy ribbon, yarn, and tool for the bows.
 Here is the other heart. Decided to do this one Pink
 The arrow is HOT pink.
 and of course a little turquoise in the bow.
 This is a little sneek at our new mantle.
I had to show you the Valentine Decor.
 If you click on the Valentine Category you can see how I made the rest of these decor items.
 I found this cute subway art on Pinterest.
 They are for free and have one for each month
 I made this about 5 years ago from tattertotsandjello.

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