Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Money Wreath....Happy 60th!!!

So for My mother in laws birthday we wanted to do something a little different.
A money tree..... Then when the hubs went down stairs to workout... this wreath was hanging on the wall...
Hench the Money Wreath..
First off you will need lots of ones in this case SIXTY: ONE DOLLAR BILLS...
Paper Clips, and a wreath.
After starting this I wish I would have used a green circle foam form, would have been so much easier to just push the paper clips into one of those instead, of clipping them on to this wreath.

Just crinkle the dollar bills in the center and put paper clip in the center to keep it crinkled.
Then I just started placing them here, then there.......

Then here, and then there........
Then it just starts to fill in and look RICH and full......
I added some embellished flowers, made out of scrap booking paper, fabric flowers, cupcake liners, more scrapbook paper, and buttons.
 Some of the flowers I attached to the money with cute miniature sparkled clothes pins.
 Attached a bow so she could hang it on her front porch... Not really for her front porch, but so she could hang it in her house.
 Another Flower..
and the final pieces all together. I am really excited for how it turned out. 
Hope Syb likes it as much as I do....
Happy 60th Birthday!!

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