Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quaterfoil Highback CHair and Endtable

Love this color combo. 
It could be for a girls bedroom or dorm room. 
I love that it could be in someones living room.

Jenny sewed the seat cover for this chair. She did the piping in black to give it a pop, I love it.
She even lined up the pattern. Which is not easy at all. But she is good at what she does.
Even though she puts a fight to do it, it always turns out beautiful in the end. 
 I love the quarterfoil design in the back of the chair.
 It matches the fabric beautifully.
This is a close up of Jenny's Beautiful sewing.
This End table turned out better that I imagined. 
The colors all together just pull the colors from the chair and  are perfect together.
Jenny got these knobs a long time ago of another piece of furniture. 
They are vintage and are perfect for this project. 
 These pieces of wood pull in the back of the chair.
Both having the quarterfoil pattern. 
I love how all these cool designs from the 60's and 70's are making a comeback.
I am loving the comeback.
 So BEAUtiful. Like I always say, I wish I could keep this for my house.
But not enough room and my hubs would kill me. 
 This is a before of the end table.
Could not find a before of the chair...oops.. 

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