Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wicker Chair and Stripped End Table

 The fabric was the inspiration for the color I choose for the chair and end table.
I got the Fabric at JoAnnes in the remnant pile. It's the best place to buy fabric. You get the expensive fabric for half the cost because its a remnant piece. 
Every time I am in a Fabric store I always stop at the remnant table.
 This is the first time we have redone a reupholster chair like this.
 Jenny did a FANTASTIC job with this. She sewed all of it.
 It had a lot of piping. 
She watched a video that I found on Pinterest that should her how to do the double piping for this chair. 
 Love the colors in this fabric. It's really prettty.
We will have to try another reupholster project in the future. 
 So I did the stripes a little different. 
But still stripped.
 My hubbs parents were cleaning out the basement and gave this end table to me.
I love when someone drops off a piece to us and transforming it into something new.
 I used the original hardware. Just steel wooled them so I could paint them vintage white.

 Here is the before pic of the chair and my best kitty Tiney
 Before I primed and painted, Jenny taped off the chair.
 Luckily the jut and springs were all in great shape. The batting was too.

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  1. Have you sold these? If not, how much are you selling for?