Friday, August 26, 2011

Sneek Peek!!!!!!

Okay So I need to post A LOT of projects!!
Master bedroom dresser
Master bedroom end tables
Fall projects
Transformed Bread Boxes
Pretty in Pink Dresser and Nightstand
First time trying checkerboard
Little girls table and chairs
Books shelf
this is just to name a few. Needless to say I need to try a post one a day.
This is always my goal.....but as you can see I have failed this goal.
So I am going to give you a sneek peak of our bed my husband built out of an old door.
If you click on doors labels. the post is under finding old doors
But first you can see how the hubs and I have been sleeping the last two months maybe even longer. I have lost track!!! Seriously it's kinda GHETTO how we have been sleeping. Maybe after I share this pic it will be extra incentive for me to finish our bed.
Hopefully no one will think less of my messsyyy-ness we call our bedroom.

Under that blue blanket is the baby of our family-Pete Pup. He is not a pup anymore but that is what we call him. He loves sleeping under this blue blanket. It's hard to see him in this pic but the one below you can see the ball that is Pete. Or maybe I can because this is what I see everyday. He also has his dog bone close by on the pillow. But any way-getting back to our LOVELY room.

Okay so here is the Sneek Peek. I am so excited to get it finished.

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