Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who Would Of Thought!!!!

A lamp base with the light taken out of it!
A lamp shade, NAKED with no cover!
A thing-a-jig that holds back long drapes from the window!
Any guesses as to what these three items made?
It turned out to be the most adorable, cutest, thing EVER?
This is it finished but what purpose is it for?
The close pins may give it away! The top is SO SO SO Cute! Do you have any ideas what this could be? I didn't until Jenny told me after I spray painted all of it. Now I want to make some for my boys rooms. A PICTURE, LAmp Thing-a-ma-jig holder. Isn't it the CUTEST idea. I absolutly love it. Who would of thought!! Jenny came up with it and I am on the look out for cool lamp shades now. We have three really cool lamps and know I want to make more. Let me know what you think? Is it as cute as I think? All these items are FOR SALE at THe Cannery in North Ogden

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