Sunday, August 28, 2011

Transformed Bread Boxes

So I got this idea from my friend Angies blog at Red Cupboard Design. I saw on her blog how she transformed an ugly bread box into something way CUTE.
You should check out her blog she has a lot of cute stuff.
I told my mom to be on the look out at the Deseret Industry or Salvation Army for old bread boxes. I found an ugly bread box at the DI and my mom found one at the Salvation Army.
This is the lovely before pic. It's funny how sunflowers were SO IN when I was in High School-So So SO many years ago.
I though it would be way cute to add some cute scrap booking paper to the inside of the bread box. I didn't want to 100 percent copy Angies cute idea. So I gave it a Ashley twist! Then I got to thinking AHH!! why not paint the chicken wire to match the paper. So I went with orange because I like orange and its going to be fall and all. I love the way it turned out. I am in love with all these colors. If you check back tomorrow I will be posting some fall decorations for your front door and one of the projects colors I got the inspiration from this exact page. I also loved this paper too! Damask with greens and turquoise. I think I may have just got inspiration for what colors to paint on another dresser! We will have to see!! Can't really see the paper in this pic. But I love it. These are both FOR SALE. SOLD!!! They can be purchased at THE CANNERY CENTER in North Ogden. It's in the same building as Great Harvest Bread. Everyone should check it out they have really cute stuff.

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